Lotus Notes users always have inconvenience related to storage space in their day-to-day task. Therefore, in this article, we will provide an easy technique to understand how to backup Lotus Notes Email to hard drive.

In business, it is necessary to use an email application for professional and convenient communication with clients, customers, and employees. IBM Notes is generally used by enterprise due to its business collaboration software. The primary function of Lotus Notes is to send and receive emails with the several clients. All of these data stored in the Notes database management file known as Notes Storage Facility (or NSF) file. As we know, enterprises have to deal with lots of people through email. Hence, it starts increasing the size of Notes database file. As a result, performance of the IBM Lotus Notes program decline significantly. Therefore, creating a backup of the Lotus Notes emails is a good way to reduce the size of database file and clear up space for the new data item. Therefore, in the upcoming section, a professional NSF to PST Converter Software method will describe that help the users to comprehend how to backup Lotus Notes email to hard-drive.

Benefits of Lotus Notes Email Backup to Hard Drive
There can be many advantages to archive Lotus Notes email to hard-drive. The common ones are described below:

  • If any user wants to switch to a new computer and needs to access the old emails of Lotus Notes, then they can create a backup of Notes email in the hard-drive and transfer them to the new machine.
  • If one has to create a backup of Notes emails to just recover lost emails from any future disaster. So, in any occasion, when the emails can be accidentally deleted from the IBM Notes application. Users can recover the email file easily with the help of Notes email backup file.

Why Save Lotus Notes Email Backup to Hard-Disk?
It is evident from the above that backup of Notes email file has several advantages. Hence, creating a copy of Lotus Notes email to hard-drive widespread its viability. To understand this, let us consider an idealized real-world scenarios taking from an internet forum. With the help of queries, users can clearly understand the situation:

“Hello, due to lack of space my Lotus Notes 8.5 email application is not working properly. I am facing several issues while accessing the Notes program. So, I am looking to change my email client to Outlook. But, I also want my old IBM Notes emails in my new Outlook profile. I read somewhere that to export Lotus Notes email to Outlook requires NSF to PST conversion. Can anyone knows the way how to backup Lotus Notes 8.5 emails to Outlook PST?. Thanks!”

“Hi, In my company we are using Lotus Notes email service. I know, it is an old email client and many new email clients are available in the market. But Notes offers better database security, so we prefer this instead of any other. My question is “what is the method by which I can compress my Notes email in one single backup file”. So, it will help me to make some storage space without losing any important email message.”

Quick Tip: Here, we are describing a reliable and result-centric software to backup Lotus Notes email to hard-drive. With the help of this software, user can also migrate into the Outlook email application.

How to Backup Lotus Notes Emails to Hard Drive – Want To Know?

If a user wishes to transfer his Notes emails database to a new email client like Outlook, then they can create Lotus Notes email backup in hard drive in PST format. After that, he/she can easily import the Outlook supported PST format in the MS Outlook email service. 
The number of methods are available that can copy Lotus Notes emails to hard-drive. Although most of them are not result-oriented i.e. it cannot provide the satisfactory result. So, with the help of this article, an automated solution is introduced known as NSF to PST converter. It is an expert solution that can quickly take backup of Notes database in Outlook supported format. 
With the help of this tool, users can copy Notes emails in PST format locally. Moreover, PST file format is further supported by Microsoft Outlook. The added advantage of the tool is, it can also take backup of Notes emails, calendars, tasks, notes, journal, name.nsf to Exchange Server, or Office 365 smoothly. Now, let us find out the interesting working of NSF to PST converter tool. 

Start the software and select the Lotus Notes database file that is to be exported by under the Browse section.

In case of creating a separate backup file of Notes contacts, the user can check “Migrate Contacts into separate .pst file” option. Moreover, if you want to select the particular folder backup in PST format, then choose Select Folders option.

Here, you can select the desired folders to export and click on Apply. Also, users can customize the resultant file by applying the filter on them. Then, click on Export.

The Export Progress page will display the live streaming of NSF to PST conversion.

Once the Lotus Notes NSF file gets fully converted into PST format, it saves locally on the system. Also, a notification message will display the software as shown below:

The Observational Verdict

In this article, we have described an affordable and secure way to backup Lotus Notes email to hard-drive. The NSF to PST converter tool has advantage to save Lotus Notes email to hard-drive in PST file format. The personal storage file or PST, is the default database management file of MS Outlook. So, user can easily access its Lotus Notes emails in the Outlook application. Hence, it is an excellent way to take backup of Lotus Notes email in hard-drive without losing any information.
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