Movavi Video Converter: An Easy Way to Convert Video Formats

Nowadays videos come in a wide range of formats – but if you’re lucky you don’t have to worry about them. That isn’t always the case, however, and from time to time you may find that some videos are in formats that are incompatible with the device or platform you want to watch them on.
Rather than hunting for a way to play formats on various devices each and every time that happens – being able to convert videos to the format that you need is a much more elegant solution. More importantly, it is one that is really quite easy with user-friendly software like Movavi Video Converter.
Movavi Video Converter: An Easy Way to Convert Video Formats
Movavi Video Converter: An Easy Way to Convert Video Formats

Introduction to Movavi Video Converter

Essentially Movavi Video Converter is designed to make converting videos between formats as easy and painless as possible. All that you need to do to switch a video from one format to another is add the video, choose the format that you want, and hit the ‘Convert’ button.
Recognizing the fact that you may not be sure which video format is best for a certain device or platform, Movavi Video Converter provides hundreds of presets that you can use. Each of these presets will automatically use the best possible video format and settings for the device or platform in question.
If you want a more detailed look at how easy it is to convert videos with Movavi Video Converter, head over to

Movavi Video Converter Features

Although Movavi Video Converter is a video converter first and foremost – it does have numerous other features and capabilities. Some of these features will allow you to:
  • Convert other media files (i.e. audio files or images) between different formats.
  • Cross-convert media to create animated GIFs from video clips, extract audio tracks from videos, or save screenshots.
  • Compress the file size of videos by automatically adjusting the bitrate based on the desired output file size.
  • Resize the frame of videos and images to a specific size, by a percentage, or to fit into a certain frame using several methods.
  • Enhance the quality of videos and stabilize or correct other issues that may be present.
  • Process video footage by trimming, rotating, or cropping it if necessary.
  • Insert text elements that can be customized to create unique captions or watermarks.
Based on the features listed above you should be starting to see that Movavi Video Converter is a more than capable media file converter that will provide you with a versatile set of tools. In fact, its features are geared towards ensuring that you have everything you need to both convert and prepare media files for use.


By providing you with an easy way to convert video files, Movavi Video Converter will let you overcome any issues of compatibility and even enable you to optimize your videos. Its other features will extend those capabilities further, and ensure that you’re equipped with everything you need to handle and manage media files on a day to day basis. 

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